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TIME: 2001
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Ever since the humble beginnings of e-business, a search has transpired. A search to make our world work better, smarter, faster. Everyone is looking to move information technology to the next level. But everyone has different ideas about how to get there.

At Solutions, The IBM Technical Developer Conference, we'll ask ourselves vital questions about what really needs improvement: Is it technology? Or how we use it? This summer the conversation begins. Here is where secrets will be revealed, where the future will open up and - most of all - where questions will be answered.

SOLUTIONS START HERE: August 13-16, 2001, Moscone Convention Center,
San Francisco, California, USA Registration Now Open
Registration Fee: $995 until 6/29, $1195, 6/30 - 8/10

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Test-drive the latest technology.
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For the past two years, Solutions, The IBM Technical Developer Conference has become the place to meet, learn and test-drive the latest advances in IBM's open architecture and e-integrated solutions. Here's a taste of what you'll experience:

    • Choose from 240+ hands-on and elective sessions
    • Certification testing across IBM hardware and software brands
    • Develop skills with DB2, Linux, XML, Java and more
    • Understand how to develop, host and deploy Web applications
    • Learn how to Web-enable an enterprise
    • Harness the power of Lotus, Tivoli and WebSphere
You can also get hands-on experience with products, applications and server solutions. You'll also see how it all integrates to help you with everything from Web-based transactional business applications to fulfilling technical specifications.

Who else is searching for answers?

Solutions, The IBM Technical Developer Conference is IBM's largest gathering of Developer minds, offering the industry's richest and deepest technical resources designed to help Developers stay a step ahead. Here's a look at who's going:

Corporate Developers
People from small to large enterprises who engage in tactical, short-term efforts aimed at realizing immediate business opportunity - with intense time-to-market pressure. And those who work on strategic projects that have long-term effects on the organization.

Commercial, Web Solutions and Web Application Developers

Vendors of foundation software or application software packages or system integrators (SI's) who develop e-business applications. Developers who create Web applications for small and medium-sized businesses and departments within large enterprises.

IT Executives and Managers and CIOs

Managers of large-scale, big-budget strategic projects integral to their organizations. And managers responsible for IT infrastructure changes and complete integrated e-business solutions from the Web site to enterprise systems applications.

IT Consultants

Consultants responsible for formulating and managing networking strategies designed to meet an organizations needs, and those who are responsible for facilitating the company's growth.

Technology Advocates

This list also includes the opinion-makers who are always looking for emerging technologies with the most potential.

Information Technology and MIS Managers

Decision-makers within their organizations who select and purchase brands and models of technology.

What can you solve?

Solutions, The IBM Technical Developer Conference proves the strength of IBM's entire software portfolio showing IBM's full range of open middleware that can run on multiple platforms and systems.

At this unique event, you'll be able to:

    • Take in-depth labs on IBM's open middleware
    • Tap into IBM's vast technical resources to help build a powerful e-infrastructure
    • Choose from 372 hours of sessions on WebSphere, Lotus, Tivoli, DB2 and more
    • Take IBM Professional Certification Tests ranging across IBM products and brands
If you are committed to using open technology, require standard-based methodology, and need scalable, available and secure e-business solutions, you should consider coming.


Understand how to evaluate and select e-business applications and servers that can be easily and quickly deployed across platforms and operating systems.


Learn about a wide array of the latest products, strategies and tools that will help you fulfill technical specifications and meet demanding deadlines.


Integrate applications, servers and Web services to meet the performance needs of applications ranging from simple Web sites to sophisticated enterprise systems applications.


See the latest tools, learn about development strategies and meet potential business partners who have the resources you need to grow your e-business while keeping one eye on the competition.

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