Groupware: Groupware System Concepts 1 - System Layers and System Architectures - Information and Knowledge Management - Notes / Domino and Knowledge Applications - Espresso KM-components, in: Knowledge Node, University of Paderborn, Groupware Competence Center 2000.

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YEAR: 2000
Groupware System Concepts #1:
Groupware-based System Architectures
2 Messaging Systems
1 Messaging & Workflow
2 RDB <-> Notes
-> 3.3 this table
Where to use
Simple SQL statements
Display simple SQL results in a text file
    Simple to use
    Free of charge
    SQL needed
    Not for complex programming
    ODBC needed
    Extra file needed
    For end users
    simple, ad-hoc queries
Programmed Key Queries
Key or SQL selection through ODBC
    • Easy to progamm
    • Can be used anywhere in the application
    • ODBC required
    • Programming skills required
    • slow
    • For keyword lists
    • Lookup by key
Standard Programming Language with SQL support
Programming language based SQL statements
    • Allows complex queries
    • Fast
    • ODBC required only if code runs on a client
    • ODBC required if code runs on a server
    • Programming language and SQL required
    • In complex macros
    • If more than one row has to be returned
Message Queuing
Standard message queuing for transactional access
    • Fast and reliable
    • Data transfer and application connection
    • Additional application needed
    • Programming skills needed
    • Not for mass data movement
    • For transaction systems
    • secure transfers
Direct Data Transfer Applications
Additional application for high volume data transfer
    • Very fast with high throughput
    • Only basic SQL skills needed
    • Different transfer activities
    • No ODBC required
    • Additional application at extra costs needed
    • Only scheduled or event driven transfer
    • Vendor dependent
    • For high volume data transfer
    • Replication
    • Scheduled transfer
Real Time Connection Services
Additional application for realtime data access
    • Very fast
    • Transparent to the end user
    • No ODBC required
    • No programming required
    • For the web
    • Very flexible
    • Additional application at extra costs needed
    • Uses much CPU and memory resources
    • Activated through document events
    • Gets the data automatically into groupware document
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