IBM; Grama, Harish; Attenborough, Keith; Banks-Binici, John; Marsden, Jim; Kraenzel, Carl "Pooter"; Calow, Jeff; Ramaswamy, Shankar; Zurko, Mary Ellen: IBM Workplace Client Technology (Rich Client Edition) Technology Overview, IBM, Armonk 2004.

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YEAR: 2004

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This Redpaper provides a high-level technical introduction to the recently announced IBM Workplace Client Technology. It is geared to all levels of readers, both technical and non-technical, to better help them understand this new technology, its architecture, functionality, use, and extensibility.

Overall, the paper has several major sections:

Part 1: Introduction
This section introduces IBM Workplace Client Technology and discusses the overall market needs and drivers behind it.

Part 2: Platform
This section describes the foundation for IBM Workplace Client Technology by highlighting and discussing the key components that make up this platform.

Part 3. Applications
This section discusses the architecture that is used for applications that are based on IBM Workplace Client Technology, using the first wave of applications built on this platform as examples.

Part 4. Tools
This section outlines the different tools that will be available to a variety of development communities (end user, enterprise, third-party developers) to customize and extend IBM Workplace Client Technology environment and applications.

Part 5. Summary and additional resources
This section provides a quick summary, with links to additional resources for further reading on IBM Workplace Client Technology.