Lotus/IBM: Lotus and IBM Launch Community-based e-business Developer Resources , IBM, Cambridge 2000.

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YEAR: 2000
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      Lotus and IBM Launch Community-based e-business Developer Resources

      Two New Sites, Lotus Developer Network and developerWorks Collaboration Zone,
      Serve Software Developers Who Build Collaborative e-business Solutions

June 12, 2000 -- Lotus Development Corp. and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled two resources for software developers focused on collaborative technologies. The new Collaboration Zone on IBM developerWorks offers objective content on the latest technologies for developers building open, standards-based and cross-platform collaborative solutions. Lotus Developer Network (LDN), a new Lotus resource site, offers developers in-depth information for building collaborative e-business applications and a gateway to the extensive Lotus developer community.

The New Lotus Developer Network

Lotus Developer Network
-- www.lotus.com/developer -- serves as a valuable resource for developers worldwide, meeting their specific needs and questions as they focus on building collaborative e-business applications. A community-based, self-service e-business site, LDN offers developers easy access to one, central repository of information on Lotus Web application products, strategy and development trends. It serves as a destination for both Lotus and non-Lotus developers to get the latest technical information and resources on collaborative e-business applications, solutions and industry news. Developers can also tap into an online Lotus developer community through LDN, as well as gain access to Lotus products and technical enablement.

"Lotus has provided developers with the industry-leading development platform for collaborative applications, featuring real-time collaboration, teamware and workflow, upon which developers can build dynamic and secure Web applications," said Bart Lautenbach, director of Web applications marketing, Lotus Development Corp. "Through our joint efforts with IBM and others, LDN provides a significant resource for the entire network of developers interested in collaboration."

LDN offers the following resources:

      Technical articles and news features
      -- technologies and products for developing collaborative e-business solutions;
      Online learning
      -- live seminars on a variety of application development topics via Lotus Sametime, as well as informative Webcasts on industry trends and Lotus products, available for download;
      Lotus Developer Community
      -- real-time collaboration and discussion forums via Lotus Sametime chat and the Domino Application Server, as well as access to Lotus/Iris developers and each other via discussion forums;
      Lotus technical support
      -- a subscription area with access to Lotus KnowledgeBase providing enhanced search capabilities and technical support notes;
      Sample code
      -- ability to download sample code for building collaborative e-business applications;
      Leading industry interviews
      -- live interviews and chats with Lotus/Iris developers and key industry leaders;
      Events Calendar
      -- lists of all upcoming Lotus, IBM and industry trade events of interest to developers building collaborative applications.

The New DeveloperWorks Collaboration Zone

The new Collaboration Zone of developerWorks --
www.ibm.com/developerworks -- provides sample code, original in-depth technical articles, expert columns, and industry news on collaborative application development that uses open standards such as Java, XML and Linux, as well as open workflow and messaging standards. Like the XML Zone and Linux Zone, the Collaboration Zone -- the newest member of the technology-oriented zones now in beta -- responds to the demands of developers who are committed to applying open standards in their development efforts, and those who seek a technical, vendor-neutral perspective.

"As knowledge-sharing has become an essential tool in creating e-business, the launch of the Collaboration Zone on developerWorks is a timely addition to the site," said Gina Poole, director, IBM developerWorks and alphaWorks. "It is part of developerWorks' larger effort to provide highly targeted technical content on such subjects as XML, Java, Linux and Web architecture."

Free of Charge

Both LDN's and developerWorks' community-based information can be accessed free of charge. Additional levels of technical support, including a guaranteed-response user forum and access to a special version of the Lotus KnowledgeBase that offers access to draft technical support notes, will also be available soon from a subscription-based area on the LDN site. Discounts on Lotus products will be available for subscribing users.

About developerWorks

developerWorks, IBM's free, online collection of content and resources, assists software developers who want to build better software by using open standards. developerWorks capitalizes on the experience and expertise of the more than 100,000-person IBM worldwide technical community. Committed to providing material on open standards and cross-platform technologies, developerWorks recognizes the importance of connecting the many disparate platforms, technologies and applications that are involved in integrating each developer's unique e-business solution. developerWorks provides the most informative, reliable and accurate technical information by tapping into both IBM and industry leaders, resulting in valuable content for developers regardless of their application development tool of choice.

About Lotus Development Corp.
Lotus Development Corporation, founded in 1982, is a subsidiary of IBM Corporation. Lotus sets the standard for truly innovative software products and services that reflect the company's unique understanding of the new ways in which individuals and businesses must work together to achieve success. Lotus is redefining the concept of conducting business through practical knowledge management, e-business and other ground-breaking ways of connecting the world's ideas, thinkers, buyers, sellers and communities via the Internet. Lotus markets its products in more than 80 countries worldwide through direct and extensive Business Partner channels. The company also provides numerous professional consulting, support and education services through the Lotus Professional Services organization.

About IBM
IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. The fastest way to get more information about IBM is through the IBM home page at http://www.ibm.com.

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