Smolnik, Stefan; Nastansky, Ludwig: K-Discovery: Identification of Distributed Knowledge Structures in a Process-oriented Groupware Environment, in: Conference Proceedings Knowledge Technologies 2001, 2001-03-04/07, Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas, USA, IDEAlliance, Alexandria, VA, USA, März 2001, pp. 12.

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YEAR: 2001

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Scenarios in groupware-based environments show the problems of accessing knowledge structures in general and organizational knowledge structures in particular. By applying topic maps, as defined in ISO/IEC 13250, to groupware-based organizational knowledge bases, it is possible to close a gap between knowledge and information. In this paper, the aims of the K-Discovery project - applying topic maps to groupware-based environments - are presented. Based on this, an architectural model will be introduced creating knowledge structures by generating topic maps in a process-oriented groupware environment.

After a brief introduction and overview, two concrete scenarios of groupware-based office systems are described. The basic ideas of the K-Discovery project are presented and followed by an architectural model and two implementation approaches. This paper ends with some conclusions.