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Sample Questions
Sample Questions eSpace Concepts:

A) Introduction to eSpace Concepts (18.10.)

eSpace Client Examples
Question 1. What are examples for eSpace Clients?
a. Microsoft Word.
b. Netscape Navigator.
c. Lotus Notes.
d. None of the above.

Solution: b, c

Information Management
Question 2. What is the dominant bottleneck when working with information in the business environment of the information society?
a. The capability to organize information.
b. Lack of available information.
c. The capability to bring the information into a logical context.
d. Too low bandwidth of the public infrastructure.

Solution: a, c

B) Using next generation e-Space Clients (25.10.-22.11.)

Lotus Notes/Domino
Question 3. What characterizes Views and Folders?
a. A document can be displayed in multiple Views but only in one Folder
b. A document can be displayed in multiple Views and in multiple Folders.
c. A document can be displayed in only one View but in multiple Folders.
d. A document can be displayed in only one View and only one Folder.

Solution: b

Lotus Notes/Domino
Question 4. The following statements about bookmarks in the Lotus Notes Client are correct:
a. Files on the local hard drive can be bookmarked.
b. Bookmarks can link to documents in databases.
c. E-Mail documents can be bookmarked.
d. Internet pages can be bookmarked.

Solution: a, b, c, d

C) Creating intelligent interactive Documents for e-Business environments (15.11.-29.11)

Lotus Notes/Domino
Question 5. Which of the following statements about sections are true?
a. Sections help structuring the content of a document.
b. Sections can be created within another existing section.
c. Sections are always displayed collapsed and can be expanded by the user if needed.
d. Sections can be contained within a nested table.

Solution: a, b, d

Lotus Notes/Domino
Question 6. The following statements about 'full text search' in a Lotus Notes/Domino environment are true:
a. Full text search searches rich text areas in documents.
b. Full text search can search through all documents in a database.
c. Full text search can find text in attachments.
d. Full text search searches only within the documents displayed in the currently active view or folder.

Solution: a, b, c, d

D) Security Architectures in eSpaces (06.12.-13.12.)

Lotus Notes/Domino Security Layer
Question 7. Which of the layers in the Notes/Domino security layer model can be considered as "hard" security features?
a. User authentication.
b. View/form access.
c. Hidden paragraphs.
d. Database access.

Solution: a, d

Question 8. Which of the following statements about E-Mail encryption are correct?
a. An E-Mail is encrypted with the public key of the recipient.
b. An E-Mail is encrypted with the private key of the sender.
c. An E-Mail is decrypted with the public key of the sender.
d. An E-Mail is decrypted with the private key of the sender.

Solution: a

E) Dynamic Workplace Technology (20.12.-17.01.)

Three Waves of Innovation
Question 9. Which of the following are considered part of the three waves of innovation in Collaboration?
a. Personal productivity wave.
b. Organizational productivity wave.
c. Departmental productivity wave.
d. Team productivity wave.

Solution: a, b, d

Portal Architecture
Question 10. Which integration layers are usually differentiated in common Portal architectures?
a. Content aggregation.
b. Application integration.
c. Layout specification.
d. People collaboration.

Solution: a, b, d

F) Mobile Services (24.01.-31.01.)

Key applications
Question 11. What are key applications of the mobile business accordng to Arthur Anderson?
a. Remote access to e-mail.
b. Mobile e-payment
c. Sales force enablement
d. E-Commerce transactions

Solution: a, c, d

Mobile Messaging
Question 12. Which of the following components should be included in Mobile messaging solutions?
a. Directory services
b. Workflow components
c. Graphical process modelling tool
d. Calendar/Meeting functionality

Solution: a, b, d