TICE: TICE 2008 – International Symposium - 27-29 October 2008 – PARIS, France

Presentation of the conference: To carry on the ICTT conferences organized by INSA in Rouen in 1998, Troyes University of Technology in 2000, INSA in Lyons in 2002, Compiègne University of Technology in 2004 and the Institut National Polytechnique in Toulouse in 2006, Institut TELECOM will organize...

YEAR: 2008
PERM. URL: http://gcc.upb.de/K-Pool/TICE-2008
Issues tackled this year

1. Learning and knowledge management
- Skills engineering and self-assessment
- Learning activities incorporating personal digital learning aids:
personal site, e-portfolio, skills, dynamic modeling of players
- Teaching scenarios focusing on learning
- Cooperative agent technologies for knowledge management
2. Values of the digital era and educational engineering
- Physical isolation, immediate interaction, nomadism
- design, techniques and analyses for learner interaction
- priority to multimedia content (image, video, sound) and
written content
- ICT usage for life-long learning: at home, at school, within the
3. Digital systems and learners
- Digital mass learning and specialized (individual) learning
- Remote on-line training, face-to-face training and hybrid
training: support tools for individuals and groups
- Adapted or customized learning content
- Learning schemes based on teaching scenarios and reusable
and interoperable learning tools
4. Tools for learning and production
- Pooling, cooperation and dissemination tools, for and by
learners: cooperation, on-line publication, multi-player
production and networking
- Web 2 as a shared operating system: wiki, podcasting, blogs,
RSS feeds, transversal exchanges, building knowledge
- Wireless communication
- Digital publishing systems (SPIP, Concepta, Scenari, etc.)