ICIMOD/International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development: Medium Term Action Plan 2003 - 2007, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, Kathmandu, Nepal 2003, pp. 112.

Medium Term Action Plan 2003 - 2007 for the ICIMOD

THEMES: ICIMOD | International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
YEAR: 2003
    Introduction to the Medium Term Action Plan 2003 - 2007

    The Medium Term Action Plan (MTAP) describes the six integrated programmes through which
    ICIMOD plans to implement its Strategic Plan 'Partnerships in Sustainable Mountain Development–
    Securing the Future of the Hindu Kush-Himalayas from 2003 – 2007'. This strategy, available as a
    separate document, provides the overall framework for this plan. The narrative in this MTAP gives a
    more detailed description of each of the six programmes. For each Integrated Programme the
    background (including links to past experience); the strategic relevance (including the rationale for its
    selection in accordance with priority criteria); the overall outcomes; and the programme strategy are

    Each Integrated Programme is carried out through several Action Initiatives. For each Action Initiative
    the rationale; the medium term outcomes and indicators; the planned actions and outputs; the
    implementation, monitoring and partnership arrangements; and the inputs available and required are
    provided in the programme descriptions. As this plan projects five years into the future, it will need to
    be revised and adjusted within the framework of the overall strategy to adjust to the changing
    conditions and opportunities in which ICIMOD works.

    For this reason, there will be separate annual plans approved by the Board of Governors that set out
    detailed plans for each year. The annual plan for 2003 is presented in a separate document that
    contains the specific outputs, indicators, and approved budget for 2003....