Andreas, Bill; DeCandio, George; DeWitt, Beverly; Lotus: AD308 Sneak Preview: Rapid Application Development Tool for WebSphere Studio, IBM Corporation, Orlando, FL, USA 2003.

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YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: IBM WebSphere | J2EE | Lotusphere | NextGen
PLACES: Orlando
THINGS: Rapid Application Development
TIME: 2003

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Presented by
Beverly DeWitt, Lotus Software, IBM Software Group, Senior Manager, Web Tools Strategy and Development

Beverly is a senior manager on the New Business Initiatives and Strategy team at IBM for the Lotus software brand. She had an instrumental role in conceptualizing the strategy for next generation collaboration and is leading , the initiative to execute the strategy in 2002. Her responsibilities include, serving as the Project Development Team lead and Offerings Manager for NextGen collaboration which carries responsibility for the business planning and go to market strategy. Beverly joined Lotus software in 1991 and has held positions in Technical Support, Field Sales, the Worldwide Technology Advocate team, and Domino Product Management. As Domino product manager, she was responsible for devising a strategy to open the development environment to third party tools. Prior to her current position, she managed the product marketing team for the Domino Application server and developer tools. In this role she led the Lotus software participation in the SWG marketing initiatives for Web services. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics , from Louisiana State University. When she is not working on Lotus software strategy and business initiaves, she cruises the streets in her 1966 Mustang convertible and plays golf and piano.