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A view from the top: Michael Rhodin on Lotus Software

THEMES: Lotus\Strategies | Rhodin, Michael | Hall, Tara | McCarrick, Dick
2003HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Lotus Domino.Doc | Lotus Notes/Domino | Lotus Quickplace | Lotus SameTime | Lotus Workflow | Lotus Workplace
PEOPLE: Hall, Tara | McCarrick, Dick | Rhodin, Michael
THINGS: Interview | Strategy
STR103 Contextual Collaboration: The Beef Behind the Buzzwords

THEMES: Pouliopoulos, James | Londergan, Stephen | Lotus\...\2 Presentations
META STRUCTURES: GCC-K-Objects\Lotus-Notes-Do... | IE\...\Material | IE\Lotusphere | LN\...\03_Notes-Middl... | Lotus\Lotusphere Orl...
2003HIDEWHEN: GCC-LowAccess
LABEL: Contextual Collaboration | Lotusphere | Lotus Quickplace | Lotus SameTime
PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2003
BP102 - Integrating Domino, iNotes, QuickPlace and Sametime for Collaborative Applications

THEMES: Lotus\Lotusphere_200... | Novak, Rob | Krantz, Viktor
2002LABEL: Integration | Lotus Domino | Lotus Quickplace | Lotus SameTime
PLACES: Orlando
THINGS: iNotes | Notes
TIME: 2002
IBM Redbook: Deploying QuickPlace

THEMES: Morrison, David | IBM\Redbook
2002LABEL: Lotus Quickplace
TIME: 2002
ID113 Lotus: Integrating Sametime and QuickPlace for a Complete Collaboration Solution

THEMES: IBM\Conferences-20... | Dies, Jeremy
2002HIDEWHEN: GCC-LowAccess
LABEL: Lotus Quickplace | Lotus SameTime
THINGS: Bots | Messaging
TIME: 2002