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Virtual Corporation - Bündnis auf Zeit

THEMES: Müller, Wolfgang
LABEL: Business Process Engineering | WAGS
THINGS: Enterprise Model | Process Model | Virtuelle Unternehmen
TIME: 1993
Vorgangsbearbeitung mit Alis - Nutzerheft der Vorgangsbearbeitung

THEMES: Deutsche Bundespost, Telekom
THINGS: Modelling | Practical world (others systems and case studies) | Process Model
TIME: 1993
Vorgangsunterstützung in verteilten Bürosystemen

THEMES: Vogler, Petra | Bodendorf, Freimut
THINGS: Office Communication & Work | Process Model
TIME: 1993
Automating Software Production - Some Process Issues

THEMES: Christie, Alan
PLACES: Vol. 1, Number 5
THINGS: Process Model
TIME: 1992
Business Design Technology - Software Development for Customer Satisfaction

THEMES: Dunham, Robert
THINGS: Process Model
TIME: 1991
Business Process Improvement: The Breaktrough Strategy for Total Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness

THEMES: Harrington, H. James
LABEL: BPR - Business Process Reengineering | Business Process Engineering | WAGS
PLACES: New York
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Process Model
TIME: 1991
Shaping the Future: Business Design through Information Technology

THEMES: Keen, Peter G.W.
LABEL: Business Process Engineering
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Organizational Change | Process Model
TIME: 1991
Influence of Exception Handling on the Support of Cooperative Office Work

THEMES: Karbe, Bernhard H. | Ramsperger, Norbert G.
PLACES: North Holland
THINGS: Enterprise Model | Office Communication & Work | Process Model | Scale of WF
TIME: 1990
The New Industrial Engineering: Information Technology and Business Process Redesign

THEMES: Davenport, Thomas H. | Short, James E.
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Process Model
TIME: 1990
Prozeß-Management - Versuch eines integrierten Konzeptes situationsadäquater Gestaltung von Verwaltungsprozessen - dargestellt am Beispiel in einem multinationalen Unternehmen - IBM Deutschland GmbH

THEMES: Striening, Hans-Dieter
PLACES: Frankfurt.a.M.
THINGS: Process Model
TIME: 1988
DOMINO: Ein System zur Abwicklung arbeitsteiliger Vorgänge im Büro

THEMES: Kreifelts, Thomas
THINGS: Enterprise Model | Modelling | Office Communication & Work | Process Model
TIME: 1984
Prozeßorganisation - Entwicklung, Ansätze und Programme prozeßorientierter Organisationsgestaltung

THEMES: Gaitanides, Michael
PLACES: München
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Enterprise Model | Organisation | Process Model
TIME: 1983
Information Control Nets: A mathematical model of office information flow

THEMES: Ellis, Clarence A.
LABEL: Workflow
THINGS: Enterprise Model | Office Communication & Work | Process Model
TIME: 1979