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Grundlagen der Computertechnik

THEMES: Time-Life
1988PLACES: Amsterdam
TIME: 1988
HECTOR Heterogeneous Computers Together A Joint Project of IBM and the University of Karlsruhe Vol. I: New Ways in Education and Research

THEMES: Krause, B. | Schreiner,A.
1988PLACES: Berlin | Heidelberg | NewYork
TIME: 1988
Informal networks and organizational crises - An experimental simulation

THEMES: Krackhardt, David | Stern, R. N.
1988TIME: 1988
Informatik: anwendungsorientierte Einführung in die allgm. Wirtschaftsinformatik

THEMES: Zilahi-Szabo, Miklos G.
1988PLACES: München
TIME: 1988
KI- Eiführung und Anwendungen

THEMES: Rich, Elaine
1988PLACES: Hamburg
TIME: 1988
Mastering Symphony - Fourth Edition

THEMES: Cobb, Douglas
1988PLACES: Düsseldorf | London | Paris | San Francisco
TIME: 1988

THEMES: Wolfram, Stephen
1988PLACES: Amsterdam | New York | Redwood City
TIME: 1988
Organisationsdatenbank und Organisationsinformationssystem

THEMES: Heilmann, Heidi | Sach, W. | Simon, M.
1988THINGS: Enterprise Model
TIME: 1988
OTM: Specifying Office Tasks

THEMES: Lochovsky, Frederick H. | Hogg, John S. | Weiser, Steven P. | Mendelzon, A. O.
1988PLACES: NewYork | New York
TIME: 1988
PostScript - Konzeption,Anwendung,Mischen von Text und Graphik

THEMES: Vollenweider, Peter
1988PLACES: München | Wien
TIME: 1988
Reducing social context clues: Electronic Mail in organizational communication

THEMES: Sproull, L. | Kiesler, S.
1988TIME: 1988
Research into the design of distributed directory services - PhD thesis

THEMES: Benford, Steve D.
1988PLACES: Nottingham | UK - Unites Kingdom
THINGS: Directory Service
TIME: 1988
The coming of the new organisation

THEMES: Drucker, Peter Ferdinand
THINGS: Dissertation GR
TIME: 1988
Using Agenda

THEMES: Campbell, Mary
1988PLACES: Berkeley, California
TIME: 1988
A Speech-Act-Based Office Modelling Approach

THEMES: Auramäki, Esa | Lehtinen, Erkki | Lyytinen, Kalle
LABEL: Workflow
THINGS: Analysis | Speech Act
TIME: 1988
ACM Transactions on Office Information Systems

THEMES: Unknown
TIME: 1988
AMS: A knowledge-based approach to tasks representation, organization and coordination

THEMES: Tueni, Michael | Jianzhong, Li | Fares, Pascal
TIME: 1988