EUD: End User Development - EUD as a Cooperative Activity 2003.

YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: Collaboration | Cooperation | Development | Enduser
ORGANIZATIONS: Fraunhofer Institut
PLACES: Schloß Birlinghoven
TIME: 2003

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[Fgcscw] CfP: Workshop "End-User Development as a Cooperative Activity"

                             Call for Participation

                    Workshop "EUD as a Cooperative Activity"

                                 as part of the

  International Symposium on End-User Development October 6th-7th 2003,
                         Birlinghoven, near Bonn, Germany


The research field of end-user development (EUD) deals with the question
of how
end-users, typically without programming skills, can substantially adapt

software systems to their ever changing and varied requirements. It
deals with
the required software architectures, software engineering methods, the
cognitive aspects of these adaptation activities, etc.

In this workshop we shall focus on collaborative end-user development
(EUD) for
collaboration systems. The social character of collaborative activities
a number of particularly interesting opportunities for collaborative EUD
of the
respective support systems. On the one hand, the question is what kind
flexibility cooperative systems must expose to be smoothly adaptable to
its user
community and co-evolve with it. On the other hand, the question is what
kind of
mechanisms a cooperative system should have to help its users in
their joint requirements, negotiating suitable adaptations and finding
on how to implement them.


Participation in this workshop is open to everyone registered at the EUD

Symposium. If you cannot register but would still like to participate,
contact to check for available places.
Participants are invited to submit by October 2, 2003 an extended
abstract or
position statement of up to 3 pages length to

Workshop Co-Chairs

Helge Kahler, International Institute for Socio-Informatics,

Markus Klann, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology,  

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