GCC Teaching: 052446 LOG Information Management: eSpace Concepts 2, Wirtschaftsinformatik 2 / GCC - Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2003.

Course "eSpace Concepts 2"

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YEAR: 2003
General Information
Course Evaluation
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Please visit the evaluation homepage as well: http://wiwi.uni-paderborn.de/fsr/evaindex.html

Assignment 3
To complete assignment 3, students will be randomly put together in teams of three by using the Winfo-Portal community profiles created in assignment 1. You will be able to find your teammates in the "Groups assignment 3" sections of this log. Browse the eSpace 2 community within the Winfo-Portal to get in touch with your teammates. It is your responsibility to have valid contact information published in your community profile. If your teammates cannot contact you, you cannot finish this assignment. This is a team assignment. Submissions of single students will not be accepted.
To complete assignment 3, each team has to create 4 multiple choice questions (1-4 correct choices out of 4 possible choices) and 2 "fill in the blank" questions about one specific lecture session assigned to the team.
The questions have to be created in English language. The assignment has to be submitted through the GCC InTraGate System by one member of each team. All other members have to register with the system as well, to submit their Student ID, but must not submit questions.
You have 2 weeks to finish assignment 3. The deadline is Monday, 2003-08-04, 23:00 pm.