Hahnl, Olaf; G8 Project: Federate Business Portal 'G8' - Project Homepage, Groupware Competence Center (GCC) 2003.

Challenges, opportunities and impact of federated Business Portals in intra- and interorganizational enterprises

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YEAR: 2003
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Visuals - Concepts
Portal components
Structural components of a portal

Entity relationship diagramm without attributes

Short description of the components:
  • Places
    - Places are the highest aggregation level of a portal and contain as many pages as needed
    - A portal can consists of as many places as needed (per project, task, department, topic etc.)
    - A place can be restricted to a closed user-group (with granular access-control system) or public for all users
    - Places are a shared informationspace and can be used as a team-/collaborative environment
  • Pages
    - Pages are the next structural element of a portal below the places and contain as may portlets as needed
    - The grouping of information can be refined at this level (for instance - News, Discussions, Ressources, etc...)
    - Pages may have a flexibel layout which consists of rows and columns
  • Portlets
    - Portlets are the last structural element of a portal and display the actual information for the end-user
    - The displayed information can be from quite different information pools and applications from all over an enterprise
    - Portlets not only offer informations they can also contain complex applications