Heindörfer, Ralf: Working in the global village - Strategies and technologies to survive in global e-business, in: Information Management - eSpace Concepts 1, WS2002/03, IBM Corporation, Paderborn 2003.

THEMES: Heindörfer, Ralf
YEAR: 2003
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Ralf Heindörfer, Dipl.-Wirt.-Inform.
Senior Development Manager & Architect at IBM Lotus Workflow and Document Management Systems

While studying Business Computing at the University of Paderborn, Mr. Ralf Heindoerfer worked with Pavone Ltd. and was founding member and vice-president of the students' consulting association "Campus Consult". After his graduation in Business Computing in 1995, Mr. Heindoerfer worked as head of the Development Department of ONEstone in Paderborn, a company which was aquired by Lotus Development in 1999. The following two years, Mr. Heindoerfer was working as Senior Development Manager and Software Architect at the Lotus development headquarters in Boston, USA. Since his return to Germany in the beginning of 2001, Mr. Heindoerfer keeps working in this position as part of a global software developing team at his home office in Paderborn.
His activities are focused on design and development of collaborative software to support shared teams, process-oriented corporate organizations and object-oriented software engineering.
Since July 2001, Lotus Development is part of the IBM Software Group..