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YEAR: 2001
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TIME: 2001
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From secure applications to secure dynamic e-business

Entrust pioneered Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies in the early 1990's, built the world's first commercially available PKI solutions in 1994, and led the development of portal access management technologies in 1997. Entrust was founded as a business unit within Northern Telecom (Nortel), the telecom giant, in January 1994. In December of 1996, Entrust Technologies was formed as an entrepreneurial spin off of Nortel.

As a leading innovator in the field, Entrust's world-class security pioneers are responsible for 92 patents either granted or pending. People using Entrust-based services can instantly confirm the identities of business counterparts, engage in private and confidential communications, access personalized portal services, securely pay for goods and digitally sign and receive receipts supported by the weight of law. These solutions enable the trust necessary to enhance relationships being built on the Internet.

Winner of numerous awards including Network Magazine 2001 Product of the Year and CrossRoads 2001 A-List, the company's solutions have been deployed successfully at customer sites for more than seven years, and today, over 1,500 companies and government agencies in more than 40 countries rely on Trust Relationship Management software and managed services from Entrust.

A Partnership for secure dynamic e-business solutions

"IBM's depth of vision, scope of resources, and market recognition are reasons why Entrust has chosen to partner with IBM in the delivery of our Web services solutions, and why we would recommend them to other ISVs" says Brian O’Higgins, Executive VP and CTO, Entrust Technologies. "IBM's broad range of hardware and software products coupled with Entrust's PKI and complimentary applications provide customers with a robust solution from the desktop, where Entrust provides a plug-in for Lotus Notes users, support for IBM Netvista and it's integrated security chip, to AIX support for all Entrust toolkits and PKI, to Entrust's Java toolkit support on the O/S 390 platform. Entrust also supports IBM Lotus and Secureway Directories."

Entrust and IBM share the vision that Dynamic e-business is the next revolution in Internet technology, and one which will provide the necessary infrastructure to enable real business transactions over the Internet. Web services, an integral part of IBM's Dynamic e-business vision, have similar requirements for security and trust management, but within a new technology framework. These new technologies, including SOAP, XML, WSDL, and UDDI, based on open standards, provide the building blocks to tackle this new environment, and help the customer develop secure and robust applications that open up new revenue channels based on Dynamic e-business.

securing the next generation of internet applications

The tools and security services necessary to facilitate these new applications must evolve with the new technologies. "Entrust continues to lead the charge in evolving security technology to meet the next generation of Internet requirements. We are transforming PKI (Public-Key Infrastructure) technology to support a services oriented architecture to enable applications to invoke PKI functionality through remote XML-based Web services," says O’Higgins. "Our efforts will help developers and customers integrate these essential PKI capabilities more quickly, thus making it easier for the evolution of mission critical applications and transactions to the Web services model."

Entrust has already created a reference implementation Web service for a subset of the functionality defined by the XKMS (XML Key Management Specification) proposal. The service has been available for external use since April 1, 2001. For more information visit:

jStart can also help you with dynamic e-business

Entrust is working with the IBM jStart Team to deliver on their Dynamic e-business vision. The jStart Team is providing business consulting and technology evangelism to the planned efforts. "Entrust Technologies believes strongly in the future of Web services,” continues O’Higgins. “They are committed to further exploring how the technology can assist in providing trust for business relationships being built on the Internet."

About Entrust Technologies

Entrust Technologies (Nasdaq: ENTU) is the leading global provider of Internet security services and solutions that make it safe to do business and complete transactions over the Internet. Major corporations, other businesses, and government agencies in more than 40 countries rely on the privacy, security and trust provided through Entrust’s portfolio of award winning technologies.

For additional information on Entrust, please visit