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YEAR: 2001
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To create a tabbed table

A tabbed table uses tabbed rows to display information. When formatting or customizing a tabbed table, it is important to remember that tabs are rows. For example, if you choose to insert a row, you are inserting another tab. To insert rows that aren't tabs, you need to create a nested table in one of the cells in the tabbed table.

This is an example of a tabbed table:

1. Put the document in Edit mode.

2. Click where you want the table to appear.

3. Choose Create - Table.

4. Click the tabbed table button (second button from left) in the "Table Type" section.

5. Specify the number of rows and columns in the "Table Size" section.

    Note You can specify the table width by clicking "Fit with margins," "Fit to window" or "Fixed width." See Table layout for more information.

6. Click OK.

Tip It is easier to see tabbed rows by choosing different colors for each row.

To label tabs in a tabbed table

1. Place your cursor in the tabbed row you want to label.

2. Choose Table - Table Properties.

3. Click the Table Rows tab (sixth tab from left).

4. Enter text for the tab in the "Tab Label" field in the "For selected row" section.

Note To make your tabs consistent in size, regardless of the tab labels, select "Size tabs equally" under "For tabs."

To move tabs to another side of a tabbed table

1. Put focus in a cell, and choose Table - Table Properties.

2. Click the Table Rows tab (sixth tab from left).

3. Choose one of the following options in the "Show Tabs on" list in the "Which row to display" section:

      • Top to display tabs on the top of the table, which is the default.
      • Left to display tabs on the left side of the table.
      • Bottom to display tabs on the bottom of the table.
      • Right to display tabs on the right side of the table.
Note You can indent the tabs on your tabbed table, so they are not left-aligned. Enter the number of indents you want for the tabs in the "Indent first tab" field under "For tabs." As you enter different numbers, you can see how the indents look on your tabebd table.

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