GCC Media: How to create a table with row captions , in: Notes RNext beta 4 Help, Lotus Software 2001.

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YEAR: 2001
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TIME: 2001
To create a table with row captions

A table with row captions uses captions, which look like maximize and minimize buttons for windows, to expand and collapse rows to display information. Captions allow you to hide information in one row, but display information in another.

1. Put the document in Edit mode.

2. Click where you want the table to appear.

3. Choose Create - Table.

4. Click the tabbed table button (second button from left) in the "Table Type" section.

5. Specify the number of rows and columns in the "Table Size" section.

    Note You can specify the table width by clicking "Fit with margins," "Fit to window" or "Fixed width." See Table layout for more information.

6. Click OK.

7. Put your cursor in any table cell and choose Table - Table Properties.

8. Click the Table Rows tab (sixth tab from left).

9. Select "Users pick row via captions."

10. Select the row you want to label, and enter text in the "Tab Label" field in the "For selected row" section.

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