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YEAR: 2001
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TIME: 2001
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Iris Today September 2001: Special security issue

The Iris Interview
Notes and Domino security: Past, present, and future
Interview by Laura Rutherford

This month, three members of the security team—Alan Eldridge, Charlie Kaufman, and Katherine Spanbauer—examine the role and evolution of security in Notes and Domino. They discuss security standards and other influences on security features and take a peek at what's in store for Rnext.

Ask Professor INI
Security variables
Security is on everyone's mind, including Professor INI's. Here's a roundup of questions about security-related NOTES.INI variables.

Tips from Notes.net
Hiding e-mail recipients from each other
Do you want to send e-mail to a group of people but don't want each recipient to see who else received the message? This tip tells you how.

Archived Security Articles
Here's a list of security articles from past issues of
Iris Today.

Security for Web-based mail: A case study (02/01/2001)

Staying alert with Execution Control Lists (12/01/1999)

Notes from support: Notes encryption: Locks for a digital world (06/01/1998)

The ABCs of using the ACL (04/01/1998)

SSL client authentication: It's a matter of trust (03/02/1998)

Trust yourself: Become your own Certification Authority (01/05/1998)

Charlie Kaufman: Security status (10/01/1997)

Designing a secure domino app (06/16/1997)

Overview of Notes/Domino security
by Susan Bryant and Christie Williams
(with Katherine Spanbauer)

Here's the big picture: an overview of the security features available in Notes and Domino and how they allow seamless access to users who should have it, while denying access to those who shouldn’t.

Using field encryption in applications
by Richard Schwartz

Encryption. It's an ancient technology that's critical to security today. This article introduces the basic theory of encryption and shows you how to implement field encryption in your Domino applications.

Notes from Support: Password checking
by Mark Cornaia

Password checking adds an additional level of safety to the authentication process. Find out how to set up, administer, and troubleshoot password checking for your servers and users.

Understanding password quality
by Christie Williams
(with Katherine Spanbauer)

Which is a stronger password: six characters including a number or eight characters with mixed case? Discover the details about Domino's password quality scale, the algorithm that calculates it, and administrative considerations, including guidance for users.

Bonding with User Security in Notes Rnext
by Cara Haagenson and Jane Marcus

It doesn't take a secret agent to uncover the user security options in Notes Rnext, but joining Agent 007 on this tour ensures you won't miss a trick.

Milestones in Notes/Domino security
by Katherine Spanbauer

Notes and Domino security has evolved with each product release, bringing new or improved security features. Take a quick look at what happened, and when.

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