IBM: Visualize, inc. teams with IBM jStart Program to create new revenue channels The background: “Dynamic e-business helps companies to visualize their future”, IBM Press IBM Press 2001.

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YEAR: 2001
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TIME: 2001

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Visualize, inc. teams with IBM jStart Program to create new revenue channels

The background: “Dynamic e-business helps companies to visualize their future”

Founded in 1996, Visualize, Inc. designs, develops, and delivers high-end data visualization software for enterprise level, Internet based services. Visualize's DataVista™ and VantagePoint™ software products provide major corporations and their customers, conducting business via the Internet, with the ability to make timely decisions through visual representations of complex data sets.

Visualize is the first company to have a suite of 100 percent Java products that bring data visualization and analysis capabilities to corporate decision-makers and data analysts. The company’s cross-platform solutions enable corporate decision-makers to view, manipulate, and analyze stored and real time mission critical data in a highly interactive and customizable way.

Since its inception, Visualize has continued to develop with the latest Java technology, enhancing its products to meet the needs of the market.

The challenge: “A roadmap for success”

Like many independent software vendors, Visualize was looking for ways to explore new revenue opportunities for its software assets.

The solution: “Creating new revenues with IBM Web services”

Visualize turned to IBM’s jStart Program for a solution. IBM’s dynamic e-business vision provides a roadmap for Visualize to open a new revenue channel founded on the concept of software sold as a service. Web services technology and its foundation of recommended open standards, including SOAP. XP, WSDL, and WSFL, provide the building blocks to tackle new revenue channels based on Dynamic e-business.

Teaming with IBM, Visualize intends to make two of its products available as Web services. First, its StockPlot software will be made accessible to any Web service-enabled requesting application. StockPlot enables users to display a time series of pricing and volume data together with related comparisons, annotations and statistical indicators. By publishing a Service Provider interface, StockPlot will generate a variety of graphic renderings for a given set of financial data. The resulting graphic content could then be appropriately aggregated with other financial content by the requesting application.

Visualize also plans to release Demeter, a new financial service that will automatically generate intelligent alerts for real time financial data channels. Information service providers would then use these alerts to make market-relevant business decisions.

The jStart team is providing business consulting, technology evangelism and development services to the planned efforts.

The benefits: “The promise of Web services technology”

With IBM Web services, Visualize foresees a real promise in UDDI and Web services technology.

“Open standards and technology experts are strong ingredients for success. We feel our customers will benefit from our adoption of Web services technology and our partnership with IBM,” sites David Krider, Chief Technology Officer, Visualize, Inc. “There are risks associated with any emerging technology, but IBM’s stewardship of dynamic e-business will help to level the playing field.”

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