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YEAR: 2002
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PLACES: Paderborn
TIME: 2002
Sample Questions
Disclaimer: The purpose of these questions is to review the content of todays lecture. The questions have been posted by students from the course and are not entirely reviewed.

Responsible for today's questions are:

Team Number
Student Names
Team 25Robin Blume, Nadine Schwarz, Frank Wecker
Team 26Kai Rumpenhorst, Franziska Seibel, Nils Urbach
Team 27Jan Buescher, Tobias Schaefer, Birgit Thye
Team 28Sebastian Kipf, Sebastian Schweitzer, Thomas Vermeulen

Question 1: 7.1 Real-time collaboration

IBM Lotus Sametime

Which features does the Sametime environment offer?

A) Whiteboarding.

B) Voting.

C) EMail.

D) Collaborative Browsing.

Question 2: 7.2 Real-time collaboration

IBM Lotus Sametime

Which of the following sentences about "knowledge accidents" and knowledge management is correct?

A) A knowledge management strategy can increase the number of knowledge accidents.

B) Growth strategies of large companies are often based on knowledge accidents.

C) Knowledge Management involves finding the right people, gathering them in a shared place and help them to collaborate easily.

D) A knowledge accident occurs when two people meet by chance and share useful information.

Question 3: 7.3 Real-time collaboration

IBM Lotus Sametime

Lotus Sametime is a real-time collaboration platform that meets important e-business requirements?

A) Manageability.

B) Scalability.

C) Velocity.

D) Security.

Question 4: 7.4 Real-time collaboration

Synchronous collaboration

Which of the following applications can are synchronous technologies?

A) Instant Messaging with Lotus Sametime.

B) EMail.

C) Application Sharing.

D) Webcasts.

Question 5: 7.5 Real-time collaboration

IBM Lotus Sametime

Which of the following statements are correct with respect to Lotus Sametime?

A) Lotus Sametime offers synchronous collaboration.

B) Lotus Sametime uses a document model to store information in a shared database.

C) Lotus Sametime offers various collaboration tools (whiteboard, chat window etc.).

D) Lotus Sametime supports predefined workflows between knowledge workers.

Question 6: 7.6 Real-time collaboration

IBM Lotus Sametime

Fill in the blank in the following sentence about online meetings:

For a meeting it is necessary to define one person as a


to grant rights to different tools and organize the order of events during the meeting.

Question 7: 7.7 Real-time collaboration

IBM Lotus Sametime

Fill in the blank in the following sentence about real-time collaboration:



schemes are concepts that apply if at least two companies work together virtually.