Lotus: Lotus / Domino Government Solutions 4 - A Variety of Examples 2000.

THEMES: Lotus\e-Government
YEAR: 2000
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LABEL: e-Government
PEOPLE: Buschor, Ernst
THINGS: Kickoff | Public Administration | Verwaltung | Workshop
TIME: 2000 | 2001
New York State
    New York State Cuts Red Tape and Expenses for Citizens
    via Lotus-based E-government Services

    New York Governor's Office of Regulatory Reform Delivers Online Permit Service
    Online-Service für Gewerbe-/Geschäftsgenehmigungen

    Washington, DC, October 30, 2000 -- Speaking at the Lotus Global Government Forum today,
    David S. Bradley, acting director of the New York Governor's Office of Regulatory Reform (GORR),
    introduced New York's online permitting and licensing (OPAL) initiative, an e-government service
    that offers businesses of all sizes a fast and effective way to obtain information and apply for
    business permits via the Internet. OPAL, based on Lotus Notes and Domino collaborative software,
    streamlines the exchange of information among multiple government agencies, allowing citizens to
    apply for multiple business permits with a single online application.

    In the past, business applicants dealt with a cumbersome and bureaucratic permit system that
    forced them to fill out multiple applications in order to share identical business information with
    several state agencies. With OPAL, applicants can fill out one application online to be used by
    several permit issuing agencies such as the Department of Labor, Department of Tax and Finance,
    and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Through the OPAL application's use of Notes and Domino
    Web access, workflow and security features, OPAL users can track the progress of submitted
    permits, pay for permits online with one fee, and execute legal documents through the use of
    electronic digital signatures.

    New York Governor George E. Pataki's OPAL initiative is part of his larger e-government vision of
    bringing government to the people via Internet services. "We want to break down the walls between
    government and the citizens of New York State. Allowing businesses to conduct transactions online
    to save time and money is just one of the many economic development initiatives we will be
    launching in the coming months," said Governor Pataki.

    "Regional governments are eager to simplify constituents' access to information and to reduce the
    amount of time and money it costs to conduct state business," said Lotus President and CEO Al
    Zollar. "By offering an e-government solution that promotes economic growth and reduces
    transaction time and cost, states like New York are successfully bringing government services
    closer to people while reducing spending."

    About the Governor's Office of Regulatory Reform
    In 1995, Governor George E. Pataki created the Governor's Office of Regulatory Reform
    (www.gorr.state.ny.us) to improve New York State's economic climate through a common-sense
    regulatory policy and improved permitting processes. Since then, GORR has reduced the rate of
    new rules by 50% and saved New York's businesses, governments, and citizens nearly $3 billion.

    GORR's e-business initiative was launched at the beginning of this year with the Permit Assistance
    System (PAS) found at www.nys-permits.org. It is a service that allows users to access information
    by type of business to build their own customized permit assistance kit. GORR's Permit
    Assistance System provides comprehensive permit and licensing help for new and expanding
    businesses with background information and applications for 1,100 different business permits that
    cut across 200 business types. Since the introduction of PAS, the number of requests for permit
    assistance has doubled, helping to speed the creation of 4,500 private sector jobs this year.


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