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YEAR: 2000
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E-Government at Lotus Global Government Forum

Mary Rose Greenough
Lotus Public Relations

Era of E-Government Hailed at Lotus Global Government Forum

Technologists from 21 Countries Share Successes
at Third Annual Global Conference

Washington, DC, October 30, 2000 -- Lotus Development President and CEO Al Zollar today told
an audience of global technologists that the era of e-government has arrived. In his Keynote address
at the third annual Lotus Global Government Forum, Zollar cited examples of new and evolving
e-government applications that have recently gone online in agencies and governments around the
world, including online information sharing, self-service government programs, and Web-based

Among these examples, he described online government services in Singapore, knowledge sharing
applications in use by the US Navy, online collaboration within the State Government of Guanajuato,
Mexico, and self-service applications for commercial permit applicants throughout New York State.

Zollar said that the goal of the conference was to provide a forum for all government information
technology managers and decision makers to share their experiences and successes, to learn from
each other how best to use the Internet, and to improve the organization and delivery of government
services. He told the more than 300 attendees that Lotus is focused on making the gathering,
storing and distribution of knowledge throughout governments as transparent and ubiquitous as

"Electronic communication is erasing borders and boundaries and we must take advantage of the
capabilities that are available to us," said Zollar. "We simply must find ways to get everyone
connected not just within one agency or even one government."

He also told the audience that many e-business and knowledge management solutions are being
deployed by government agencies at all levels. "Based on the Internet services now available,
citizens in many countries today have a need to communicate with their governments directly."

Zollar explained how self-service government applications, such as the one for submitting
applications online for commercial permits in New York State, address this problem. "It's obvious
that most citizens prefer to renew their drivers' licenses online, for example, in five minutes rather
than stand in lines for an hour or more."

Another major advance in e-government cited by Zollar involves closing what he termed the talent
gap. "The challenge is to maintain an organization's knowledge base, even when many of its most
experienced members are retiring or pursuing opportunities in the private sector. " Solutions being
implemented around the world include training and development programs over the Internet and
knowledge management applications that allow large organizations to capture and access the
expertise of thousands to the benefit of the entire organization.

The Lotus Global Government Forum runs through November 1 at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel
in Washington, DC. The Forum, which is hosting Gen. Colin Powell, US Army (Ret.), as keynote
speaker tomorrow, is being co-sponsored by Lotus, Portal Interactive, Electronic Data Systems,
Sharing Technologies, and Ives Development Corp. Previous annual forums have been held in
Brussels and Ottawa.

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