East Asia Universities: VISIT Sichuan University (SCU) 2003.

Sichuan University (SCU) is a national key comprehensive university, incorporated from three key universities, namely, the former Sichuan University, Chengdu University of Science and Technology (CUST) and West China University of Medical Science (WCUMS). Sichuan University offers courses in nine m...

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YEAR: 2003
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As one of the national key universities directly under the State Ministry of Education
(MOE) as well as one of the State “211 Project” universities enjoying privileged
construction in the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, the present Sichuan University
(SCU) was first incorporated with Chengdu University of Science and Technology
(CUST), another national key university under the MOE in1994, and West China
University of Medical Science (WCUMS), a key university directly subordinated to
the State Ministry of Health in 2000. The present Secretary of the Party committee
is Prof. Lu Tie-cheng, and the President currently in office is Prof. Xie He-ping
(academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering).

At present, SCU has the widest coverage of disciplines and the largest scale of
operation in West China. There are 15 key disciplines at the national level, 14 “211
Project” key construction disciplines, 29 key disciplines at the provincial and
ministerial level, 4 national bases for personnel
training in basic disciplines and scientific research,
and a teaching base for engineering courses.
Besides, it has 12 first-class disciplines to grant
Doctor’s degree and Master’s degree, 111 secondclass
disciplines to grant Doctor’s degree, 178 Master programs, 6 specialized
degree programs, and 16 post-doctor stations. The 109 bachelor programs cover
the major fields in liberal arts, sciences, engineering, medicine and agriculture.
SCU has a current student population of more than 70 thousand. Ever since the
birth of New China, it has cultivated over 200 thousand students, and therefore it
has been identified by the MOE as the Collegiate Cultural Quality Education Base.
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