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YEAR: 2000
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PEOPLE: Buschor, Ernst
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TIME: 2000 | 2001
The Spanish Air Force
Ejército del Aire
The Spanish Air Force Implements Lotus Notes to Optimize More than 40 of its core proceses


" Due to the savings in time, paper, photocopies, fax , telephone and other concepts, we have achieved a ROI of 300% in some applications." Says Major Jesus Cejuela, Chief of IT Resources Management Planning of the Air Force.

To enable communication among all the different departments and users and to make those common processes more interactive, flexible and faster, optimizing management and access to corporate information


Deploy Lotus Notes and Domino as the key communication platform to all employees with rich applications in support that convert most of the paper and resource intense processes to electronic documents and workflow


The Spanish Air Force has dramatically reduced time and cost involved in performing most of its processes. " Due to the savings in time, paper, photocopies, fax , telephone and other concepts, we have achieved a ROI of 300% in some applications." Says Major Jesus Cejuela, responsible of the Lotus Notes Project and chief of IT Resources Management Planning of the Air Force.

The Spanish Air Force has 20,000 people is dedicated to perform missions related to the defense of the its air sace. It also cooperates in international and peace missions throughout the world when required by organizations such as the UN or NATO.

In 1993, there were approximately 4000 PC users scattered throughout the many isolated air bases. They lacked a major infrastructure linking these PCs and so a wide-area-network was planned. The idea of using Lotus Notes as the communication tool became a reality months later and now it´s the standard messaging and workflow platform for the entire organization.


The decision was easy, says Major Cejuela " at that time there was no other product available to do what we wanted".

The DST ( Information Systems Department of the Air Force) established , as its first goal, the implementation of a Lotus Notes application to manage its budget, linking a representative in every Command and Air Force Base to enable requests, approvals and the many forms of communications related to the issue, thus ruling out the many paper based, time consuming processes.

The dramatic success of this first experience encouraged DST to find other processes that could be improved using Lotus Notes.


Within five short years, the success of the initial idea is apparent. Now, every department of the Air Force, regardless of its geographical situation, has its LAN, Lotus Notes Server and links to the corporate WAN . There are more than 40 Lotus Notes applications and 1600 users. And, the number is doubling every year, since 1995. The user profile is extremely wide and varied - ranking from administrative users to Generals of the Air Force.

"The impact of Lotus Notes has been spectacular" says Cap. Eduardo Garcia, 2nd Chief of the project, "we no longer need to invest in internal promotion. Everyone wants a Lotus Notes client running in his PC and implementing the workflow procedure of his department. Our Lotus Notes users know the effectiveness of some of the general purpose databases and demand more information and procedures in their Lotus Notes Workspaces."


"Although this military organization doesn't focus on productivity in terms of a commercial company, DST has achieved ROI´s of a 300% in some of their Lotus Notes Systems" says Major Cejuela.

Today, the Lotus Notes project keeps growing inside the Air Force and its success is spreading to other military institutions.

" The number of users is growing but we also want to implement new applications to strengthen the new communication culture that is spreading to every corner of the organization. Our experience has been very useful for other military departments that are developing similar systems based in Lotus Notes."

One of the next goals is creating the Corporate Web Site based in Lotus Domino. This year it will provide information about the Air Force Museum, the Air Force Magazine and other data about unclassified information.


In this Center they perform medical examinations of the Air Force crews and other Spanish Airlines personnel. To keep track of the records, a Lotus Notes workflow system has been developed. About 60 people are examined everyday and their files are updated and stored in a Lotus Domino server. Information of clinical data and graphic records are stored in the system daily. Four other medical centers of the Air Force are connected to the network to interact with requests, accesses to the database etc.


The Public Relations Department, at HQ, retrieves information from the Internet edition of the national newspapers through Weblicator every morning. News related to National Defense is classified and pasted in a Lotus Notes database accesed by every Lotus Notes user. This way, everyone can read it as it happens, from their desktops from 9:30am.


There is a Lotus Notes system dedicated to store records of every official document in every Department of the Air Force. Documents are scanned and stored in optical devices along with its Lotus Notes link. This way, authorized users can read the database and view the images of everything that has been previously scanned. Departments are linked through the WAN and documents can "travel" faster than the original paper.

There are more than 80 different sites using this system and it is expected to reach 100 by the end of 1998.


Through this system, every representative can request work travel of the personnel assigned to each department. Information and requests flow to the Air Force Headquarters where they are either approved or denied. The annual budget is obtained very easily and modifications, unexpected travels etc. can be managed in a very flexible way.


This critical system links all the Air Force Bases, distributing a wide variety of data about airports, navigational aids, air traffic, etc. It also includes flows coming from fax and telex of other Aeronautical organizations. This is a very critical information-intense application and Lotus Notes has shown to be the right platform to communicate this operational data.