Groove; IDC; Levitt, Mark; Mahowald, Robert P.: There Should be More to Collaboration than EMail: Report and Related IDC Panel 2002.

Organizations should recognize that email is the beginning but not the end of collaboration.

THEMES: Groove | IDC | Levitt, Mark | Mahowald, Robert P.
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YEAR: 2002

Is email spurring—or slowing—collaboration in the enterprise? Can Groove Workspace help? IDC analysts talk to enteprise managers and Groove customers to find out.

In September, IDC analysts conducted focus groups in Boston and San Francisco with 27 enterprise managers to learn about their usage and opinions of email and other collaborative tools.

The authors followed up with an examination of Groove Workspace in action at the following companies, all Groove customers:
    • Hewlett-Packard
    • EDS
    • Neutrogena
    • Pfizer
Find out:
    • Why participants use email for 90-95% of their business tasks, despite their criticisms of it for being insecure, inefficient, cluttered with SPAM, and costly to maintain
    • What features participants want in their "dream" collaborative tool
    • How Groove has enabled HP's Consulting & Integration Services to spend 60% less time coordinating and more time producing quality work in responding to RFPs
    • Why Groove's approach to security became a key reason behind EDS's decision to pilot the product
    • How Groove use at Neutrogena resulted in a reduction of network chargebacks
    • Why Pfizer's recent acquisition of Pharmacia Corp. drove Groove adoption rather than slowed it
    • and much more...

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Join Groove Networks CEO and founder Ray Ozzie, IDC analyst Mark Levitt, and Groove Networks' industry-leading customers as they discuss

Email's limitations when collaborating with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers
How Fortune 1000 companies are extending email with desktop collaboration software
The business benefits of enhancing and extending email with desktop collaboration software
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