CeBIT; Activity Manager: Activity Management with IBM Lotus Notes 8 Composite Applications

"GCC Activity Manager" is a GCC research prototype from the University of Paderborn that has been engineered towards a PIM-centric (personal information management) scenario. It is solely relying on functions delivered by the Notes and Domino 8 architecture. This concept allows the well known worki...

THEMES: CeBIT | Activity Manager
META STRUCTURES: GCC Activities\...\Presentations | Projects\...\Public Present... | Website\K-Pool | Website\Main Portal - ... | Website\Research Portal
YEAR: 2007
GCC Activity Manager is available for download from GCC K-Pool: Database 'GCC K-Pool', View 'GCCNC_Themes compact', Document 'GCC Activity Manager - Download'

Username and Password from the CeBIT Flyer will be required to download. You can also request username and password from Ingo Erdmann.