Lotus: Installation of Eclipse Features in Notes 8.0

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YEAR: 2007
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LABEL: Composite Application | Lotus Notes 8 | Lotus Notes API
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Installation of Eclipse Features in Notes 8.0

Installation of Eclipse Features in Notes 8.0
In Lotus Notes 8.0 and the current beta Eclipse components can be provisioned automatically at runtime via composite applications. From an end user perspective users just open composite applications which causes Eclipse components to be initially downloaded or updated automatically. In Lotus Notes 8.0 you need to define the explicit versions of your Eclipse components in both the deployment descriptor of your component and the CA XML. So in order to implement a new version of a component you need to first update the feature.xml, then put the new version on an update site and then change the CA XML via Composite Application Editor to define the new version for the Eclipse component. In 8.0.1 we want to improve this so that the update of CA XML won't be necessary anymore. Instead the client can check for new versions of a feature on an update site automatically. We'll use the white list feature to implement this behaviour. See here for some more.

There is another alternative to install and update Eclipse components at runtime in Notes 8.0 manually. This is a capability a normal end user will not be able to do since this setting is turned off by default. Here is how you turn it on manually:
Edit <install_dir>/framework/rcp/plugin_customization.ini and add the following entry:

This gives you two new menu actions:

The 'install' action allows you to install new features and update existing ones:

The 'app management' option allows uninstalling and disabling features: