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Composite Applications @ DeveloperWorks

What are composite applications and how do they relate to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)? Find the technical resources you need to learn about composite applications for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, IBM Lotus Expeditor, IBM Lotus Component Designer, and IBM WebSphere Portal.

What are composite applications?
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, IBM Lotus Expeditor, and IBM Websphere Portal application platforms provide support for user-facing composite applications, also known as business mashups, that are the frontend of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

User-facing composite applications provide you with a unified interface, delivered through an assembly of multiple user interface fragments, called components. Each component may be a window into a disparate application or system.

On-the-glass integration and cross-component communication allow user-facing composite applications to bridge multiple systems and applications, freeing you from information silos and application switching.

For more about composite applications and Lotus software, see the Composite Applications page.

Learning resources
Learn more about composite applications, including how to create them, from these IBM technical resources. Visit the Lotus Notes 8 programmability page for information about application development changes in Lotus Notes and Domino 8, including composite applications and Web services.

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