Erdmann, Ingo: IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8 Customer and Partner Video

GCC participates in the Lotus Notes and Domino 8 Customer Video: After extensive collaboration within IBM's Lotus design partner program, GCC's Ingo Erdmann shares his opinion on Lotus Notes/Domino 8 in the customer interview video. Lotus Notes/Domino 8 will be released in first half of 2007.

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YEAR: 2005

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8 – Customer Reactions

-- Notes 8 is a great next step in the evolution of technology delivered by IBM.

-- I mean, the Notes platform is amazing.

-- The security, stability, multi platform support. There's nothing else out there that does what Notes does.

-- It has provided extreme amounts of value.

-- But then, you know, they take it to Notes and Domino 8, and they're taking another giant leap.

-- The surprise really is that everything is so smooth.

-- You get all the new stuff without giving up all the work and development and data that you've collected in older applications.

-- We installed the actual R8 beta client and our R5 and R6 applications actually ran without any incident.

-- They know that when they upgrade that Domino, our software, will continue to work seamlessly.

-- I have a lot of favorite features in Domino 8, but I think that they've done a really great job with the user interface.

-- In our group of pilot users, they had people looking over their shoulders saying, when can I get that?

-- It really looks good.

-- Some of the features they added like the ability to edit Word documents right within the Notes client, it's fabulous.

-- Particularly with the cross platform ability. It will allow companies to free themselves of other office suites, to free themselves from other software, really be able to move as a whole into their Notes client and live there all day. It's almost like the Notes client is not so much an application anymore. It's a platform.

-- So here we're talking about direct savings, straight to the bottom line.

-- I've never ever had have to touch an Office suite or write to a file and manage a file in my MyDocuments directory again.

-- Productivity is Notes and Domino 8. It's really all about productivity.

-- You get basically all the power of Sametime right in your Notes client. And the chat threads are excellent. I mean, that is a major improvement.

-- In the inbox threading, it shows you an abstract from the mail itself, which is so useful.

-- Well, bringing an existing Notes application into a composite application is just a click. You go to an interface, select your component and then it's there.

-- We can take functionality or a product and put it into a new platform, integrate it into another product. It's really open.

-- And with the new Eclipse base, the Notes client has really opened up to the whole new world of Java applications.

-- Just across the board they're giving you ways to work with other systems.


-- The IBM strategy has really put Notes and Domino 8 in the forefront again.

-- We now have the motivation to start developing Service Oriented Architecture, because it truly can, by building these components, be reused.

-- We're going to see user driven applications at a new level.

-- And with the whole SOA initiative we can take a 10 year old CRM application, even if it isn't our own, and get it out to a Blackberry device. So now sales reps and managers have the information they need right when they're at the customer site. Being able to deliver that type of information seamlessly via SOA is truly earth shattering.

-- The integration of Lotus into the greater whole of IBM is the best it's ever been. Let's leverage everything we have, let's have all the moving pieces talk.

-- For us as a company it's really exciting that we give stuff a clear path now where Lotus is taking the product.

-- In some ways there's so many opportunities it's hard now to figure out which are the best to pursue particularly integration with the productivity editors and some of the composite applications. That sort of stuff just sort of makes possible applications that I hadn't thought of before.