Lotus: Installation of Composite Application Editor

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YEAR: 2007
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LABEL: Composite Application | Lotus Notes 8 | Lotus Notes API
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Installation of Composite Application Editor

The Composite Application Editor will be part of the Notes kit and the All Client kit. The main reason why the CAE will be part of the Notes kit is so that power users can use it to define composite applications as opposed to developers only. Also the Notes kit will be available for Windows and Linux but components from the All Client kit like Domino Designer will only be supported on Windows. In order to install the CAE you need to select this component (default is don't install):

Customers have asked me about more ways to make the CAE available to certain users only. Essentially they want a role based policy. However we don't have this yet. What you could do instead however is to modify the Notes kit. I've been told by our install team that this is easily possible by changing the CAE entry in the file install.xml to this:
<installfeature default="false" description="Composite Application Editor feature. Select this feature to install Composite Application Editor." id="CAE" name="Composite Application Editor" required="true" show="false" version="">
So different kits could be made available to different users. You can find more documentation in the Domino Administrator help under the topic "Enabling and using third-party feature installation and update in Notes".

In Notes 8.0.1 I'd like to add a Domino policy to define which users can see/open the Composite Application Editor if they have installed it. This would improve our current user experience where every user can open the application in CAE but then gets errors when trying to save the application after it has been modified if the user has not Designer access to the NSF based application.