Velasco, Dan; GCC K-Nuggets: Getting to your workspace in Notes, in: Domino Power Update, May 28, 2003, ZATZ Publishing, Rocky Hill, NJ, USA 2003.

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YEAR: 2003
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Getting to your workspace in Notes02.06.2003 11:32Ingo Erdmann
Copyright by ZATZ Publishing

Getting to your workspace in Notes

By Dan Velasco

Last week's tip about organizing workspace icons generated a lot of great feedback, so this week I'm going to do a quick tip about a related subject. What do you do when you can't access your workspace because you don't have a link to it on your bookmark bar? Fear not, for there are some simple steps you can take to find your workspace again. Follow the instructions below depending on your version of Lotus Notes.

Notes R5 users: Go to File->Preferences->SmartIcon Settings. Scroll through the list of available icons and click and drag the Window Workspace to the right-hand window. Click OK, and the workspace icon will appear in your SmartIcon bar. Now you can just click it whenever you need to get back to the comforting feeling of your workspace. To add the workspace icon to your bookmark bar, drag it from your task bar (the horizontal bar) to your bookmark bar. To set the workspace as your home page, right-click on the icon on the bookmark bar and select "Set Bookmark as Home Page."

Notes 6 users: Notes 6 uses toolbars instead of SmartIcons, so the steps are just slightly different. Go to File->Preferences->Toolbar Preferences. Click the Customize link on the left and then in the top section choose to modify the Universal toolbar. Scroll through the list of available buttons until you find the Workspace button. Select it and then click Add Button to add it to the toolbar. Select Save Toolbar, and the icon should appear immediately in your toolbar. If it doesn't, then move the toolbars around using the toolbar handles (the little solid line thingies) so you can see all of the icons on each of the toolbars. This happened to me where I added the icon to the toolbar but just couldn't see it because some toolbars were overlapping. You can add the workspace icon to your bookmark bar by dragging the tab to the bookmark bar. To set it as the home page, right-click on the icon, and select "Set Bookmark As Home Page."

So, if for some reason you or a loved one (or just a co-worker) get unconnected from the Notes workspace, know that with just a few simple steps you can quickly get back into your workspace's warm embrace. Or, if you're evil, you can hide someone's workspace icon and see how long it takes them to figure out how to restore it. But remember, use your power for good, not evil.

Dan Velasco is a Senior Technical Editor for DominoPower Magazine and occasional contributor to PalmPower Magazine. He is also a Principal CLP Application Developer (R4, R5 and ND6) as well as a CLP System Administrator (R4 and R5). You can reach him via email at or on the Web at