ADMIN 2003; Nolet, Andrew: WS08: Domino 6 Performs and here's how you can prove it, H&T Verlagsgesellschaft - Groupware Magazin, München 2003.

Presentation ADMIN 2003

THEMES: ADMIN 2003\Workshops | Nolet, Andrew
YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: ADMIN | Lock Manager | Lotus Domino 6 | Netfinity | SCT - Single Copy Template
PEOPLE: Nolet, Andrew
PLACES: München
THINGS: Performance | Workload
TIME: 2003
Nolet, Andy
Andy Nolet started working with Lotus Notes when it only ran on OS/2. Joined Notes Support in 1995 and has worked on performance issues at all size customer sites ever since. While in Notes Support was a member of the Critical Issues Team, the Support Engineering Team and frequently provided on-site troubleshooting expertise . Joined M&C Development (Iris) in 2000 to work with the Server Performance Team. At M&C Development have been a member of the iNotes, IMAP and TCO Performance Task forces with a focus of AIX and
the development of Domino 6 performance