HICSS; Smolnik, Stefan: HICSS-39 - January 4-7, 2006 - Hawaii: Submission of abstracts for guidance and indication of appropriate content at anytime 2006.

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences HICSS-39; Minitrack "Knowledge Management / Organizational Memory Implementation and other Issues" co-chaired by Stefan Smolnik: During the past twelve years, HICSS has evolved into a key international forum for knowledge management, organizational...

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YEAR: 2006

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Call For Minitrack Proposals and Tutorials
Thirty-Ninth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
January 4 - 7, 2006 (
Wednesday through Saturday)

The HICSS series of conferences has become a unique and respected forum in computer and information systems and technology for the exchange of ideas among the researchers and development communities around the world.

A MINITRACK is either a half-day (2 sessions) or a full day (4 sessions). Normally, each session consists of summary presentations and discussion of 3 refereed papers. All sessions are conducted in a workshop-like setting.

A TUTORIAL (or Workshop or Advanced Seminar) consists of one three-hour session or 6-hour session. These sessions are always held on the first day of the 4-day conference. Proposals should be sent to the Conference Chair, Ralph Sprague (Sprague@hawaii.edu) and Eileen Robichaud Dennis (eidennis@indiana.edu).

You are invited to submit a proposal to lead a minitrack or a tutorial in one of the ten tracks at HICSS-39.

Collaboration Systems and Technology
Bob Briggs;
Jay Nunamaker;
Decision Technologies for Management

Dan Dolk;
Digital Media: Content and Communication

Michael Shepherd;
Jochen Scholl;
Emerging Technologies

Ralph Sprague;
Information Technology in Health Care

William Chismar; (
Internet and the Digital Economy

Dave King;
Alan Dennis;
Knowledge Management Systems

Murray Jennex;
murphjen@aol.com or mjennex@mail.sdsu.edu
Dave Croasdell;
Organizational Systems and Technology

Hugh Watson;
Software Technology
Gul Agha;

Submission Deadlines:

Final Deadline for Minitrack Proposals: January 17, 2005

Submission Instructions

1. See website,
www.hicss.hawaii.edu, for details responsibilities of
minitrack chairs.

2. You must submit a formal proposal to be considered. No acceptance of minitracks will be made without a formal written proposal

3. Minitrack proposals should be e-mailed to the BOTH the appropriate Track Chair and to Eileen Robichaud Dennis, eidennis@indiana.edu, as soon as possible, but no later than that January 17, 2005. Tutorial proposals should be emailed to both Ralph Sprague and Eileen Robichaud Dennis

(* MSWord files only. Please NO latex, postscript or pdf files*)

4. Please limit Co-Chairs to a maximum of 3 per minitrack. Designate who is
the PRIMARY contact person.

5. Each proposal will be evaluated by the track chair whose decision will be based on the overall technical merit of the proposal. Decisions will be made mid February 2005.

Proposal Contents - Your proposal must include the following:

1) Names and full mailing address, direct phone number, departmental phone number and fax, email addresses for all minitrack chairs. (please indicate who is the primary contact)

2) Define the proposed technical area, discuss the topics the session will address, and how they fit into a particular area of research. Include title of the proposed minitrack.

2) Discuss how these topics have recently been covered in other conferences and publications to substantiate that HICSS is an appropriate and timely forum for the topics.

3) Include:
a) A short paragraph of (MAXIMUM of 125 words) describing the topics of
your minitrack/tutorial. This will be included in the HICSS-39 Advance
Program Announcement and in the printed program in case your proposal
is approved for presentation at the conference.
b) A short bio-sketch of less than 50 words

4) An explicit statement that your organization endorses your involvement and that it will pay for your travel and registration cost to attend HICSS.

Note: HICSS does not offer financial support to Minitrack Chairs, authors, or general participants.

Eileen Robichaud Dennis, CMP

Cactus Meetings & Technologies, Inc.

Tel: 812-331-0551

Fax: 812-331-0564

E-mail: eidennis@indiana.edu