Nastansky, Ludwig; k-Pool: K-Pool: Concepts & Functionalities of a Process-driven Knowledge Management System for Contextual Collaboration Spanning Intranet to Internet, GCC 2004.

The seminar at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen is a contribution to the currently ongoing discussions and broad variety of prototype developments for web-enabled systems having a strong focus of embedding ‘intelligence’ in their set of functionalities....

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YEAR: 2004
.K-Pool: Concepts & Functionalities of a Process-driven Knowledge Management System
for Contextual Collaboration Spanning Intranet to Internet
  • 1 Scenario:
    e-Commerce Architectures
  • 2 GCC Projects:
  • 3 Paradigms:
    Collaboration vs. Automation
  • 4 k-Pool Architecture & Functions:
    An integrated approach
  • 5 Selected Features:
    Visualization et al.
  • 6 Q&A
  • Contacts


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1 Scenario: e-Commerce Architectures
  • A) Concepts for Backend-Architetures

    Current issues:
    internal enterprise application integration - external enabling and enacting e-business infrastructures to the markets - EAI (enterprise application integration) is a core issue
Collaborative processes everywhere
Database 'GCC K-Pool', View 'GCCNC_TopicSpaces - LN', Document '2 GCC Strategic Orientation: Contextual Collaboration in e-Business'
The Backend side
  • B) Concepts for Frontend-Architectures

    Orientation for the 'people side' of e-Commerce
The Frontend(s)

Users need to collaboratie anytime, everywhere - in all applications

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2 GCC Strategic Orientation: Contextual Collaboration in e-Business

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2 General Session: Building the Connected Business

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Groupware System Concepts 1 - System Layers and System Architectures - Information and Knowledge Management - Notes / Domino and Knowledge Applications - Espresso KM-components

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