IDC: eSecurity - The Essential eBusiness Enabler., in: IDC White Paper, IDC - International Data Corporation 1999, pp. 15.

YEAR: 1999
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LABEL: Authentication | Authorization | e-Business | Firewall | IPsec | Non-repudiation | PKIX | Repudiation | RSA | SSL | S/MIME
THINGS: Firewall | Hacker | Integrity | Privacy
TIME: 1999
Why is eSecurity an essential enabler of eBusiness??
Enterprises are rushing to keep pace with the eBusiness imperative,
integrating suppliers and customers over public network infrastructures.
Protecting valuable corporate assets while opening up these
eBusiness opportunities raises serious security concerns in companies
expecting to manage a substantial portion of their business over
intranets and extranets. Organizations are concerned about the
direct economic risks of compromised security. They also fear severe
“loss of business “ through compromised web presence. The stakes
are high.
Any eBusiness security solution needs the flexibility and capacity to
expand as more users and more applications are Internet-enabled.
IDC recommends beginning with an eBusiness architecture that
addresses both security and scalability.
With a wide range of products to select from, IDC also recommends
users deploy best-in-class products integrated with the most
popular desktop clients and enterprise servers by companies with
eSecurity experience, expertise and scale.