Nastansky, Ludwig; Sichuan: Innovative Concepts in e-Business Collaboration: Workflow, Portals, and Knowledge Management, GCC 2003.

20 The seminar at Sichuan University, Chengdu, will cover conceptual as well as practical aspects of current developments in information technology (IT) for e-business applications. Especially, the importance of collaborative environments and tools for enabling people to effectively perform their t...

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YEAR: 2003

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.Innovative Concepts in e-Business Collaboration:
Workflow, Portals, and Knowledge Management
  • 1 Scenario:
    e-Business Architectures
  • 2 Paradigms:
    Collaboration vs. Automation
  • 3 Workflow:
    Process Management
  • 4 Portals:
  • 5 Knowledge:
    Managing Content
  • 6 Summary/Q&A
  • Contacts


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