GCC Teaching: PWN02: Building e-Learning Communities in Multi-Cultural Enterprise Environments, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2005.

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YEAR: 2005
Project is still available.


Cost concerns and fierce competition have pushed many companies shifting their business in less expensive locations as well as overseas, areas such as far-east & south-east Asia. The record shows, "In 1999 global and multidomestic companies accounted for about 25% of total global output ." (Ball, McCulloch, Frantz, Geringer, Minor, 2002). Following such an explosive globalization trend, training and learning becomes a increasing challenge for multi-international companies. The human resources department faces not only synchronization issue of skill sets, product information, marketing & sales strategies across the global, but also social and economic conditions in foreign locations.

Under such a scenario, e-leanring is emerging as one key approach to solve above challenges. Aided by availability of broad-band, fast processors, and expanding disk capacities, Increasing number of companies turn to virtual learning and e-communities to update skills as well as exchange market information 24 hours/ 7 days a week. However, to set up a cross-cultural e-learning community is not a simple task even given all advances of information technology. And social and cultural barriers are much more hard to handle.

Participants in this project will take a deeper look at how can the virtual community be productive and effective. Secondly, what solution and state-of-the-art approach taken by companies to resolve their training & learning needs in the globalization trend.

The objectives of this seminar:

  1. Appreciate the profound effect of the Internet on training and learning in multi-domestic and international business firms
  2. Articulate the value of e-learning in dispersed locations
  3. To take an in-depth look at market examples (e.g. IBM, Siemens, Shell, etc.).
  4. To explore means & modes of integrating e-learning community concept in global companies.

Supported by:

M.S. Pei Wang-Nastansky

Target Student Groups based on subject of studies:

  • Business Computing
  • Computer Science
  • Business Administration

Important Note: This seminar work will be conducted in English. Participants should have basic knowledge about "e-learning" before signing up.