IBM; Gibson, Becky; Bowen, Roy W.: JMP103 - Building JavaServer Pages (JSPs) for Domino 6, IBM, Wien 2002.

THEMES: IBM\Conferences-20... | Gibson, Becky | Bowen, Roy W.
META STRUCTURES: Teaching\WebSphere
YEAR: 2002
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THINGS: Availibility | Cluster | Reliability | Server
TIME: 2002

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This session will introduce you to the hot new topic in Web development today: JavaServer Pages. We'll discuss the technology behind JSPs and how to use them to build customizable, dynamic Web applications. This session will also demonstrate the programming benefits of developing with JSP Tags, and show examples of how to use some JSP Tag Libraries with Domino 6. This is a "must attend" session for developers of all skill levels who want to learn about extending Domino applications to the Web using JavaServer Pages.

JSP is a very powerful J2EE technology, that can be used to easily access domino data, using the JSP custom tags that shipp with ND6
Java Server Pages, including custom tags, are easier to develop than servlets and make separation of roles (programmers, graphics guys) possible. Thus, their usage reduces TCO and development time. As the output format can be anything and the output is not created by the domino server, developers have full control of design and output of the application.
  • Servlets are very scalable due to the fact that it stays in memory and just opens a new thread for each server.
  • Java Beans are a first step to reusable objects in Java, a first step to custom tags.

The presentation shows the way of development process from HTML over JSP to a servlet on the web application server including the usage of tag libraries.