ADMIN 2003; Hume, Bill: PRES 29.04. 08:30: Notes and Domino 6 - new administrative capabilities and future administrative direction for Notes and Domino, H&T Verlagsgesellschaft - Groupware Magazin, München 2003.

Presentation ADMIN 2003

THEMES: ADMIN 2003\Presentations | Hume, Bill
YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: ADMIN | Architecture | Code | Development | Lotus Notes/Domino 6 | Maintenance | value-add
PEOPLE: Hume, Bill
PLACES: München
THINGS: Future | Overview | Perspectives | Roadmap
TIME: 2003
Hume, Bill
Bill Hume is a Director of Notes and Domino Development of IBM's Lotus Products Division. Bill has held this position since October, 1999, and since then has focused much of his time on developing Notes and Domino 6 which has delivered in September, 2002. Bill has been a software developer and manager for twenty five years, having held multiple technical and management positions in IBM during that time. Prior to joining the Notes and Domino team, Bill was General Manager of Lotus's Smart Suite Development team. He has a special interest in software quality and involving customers partners in the development process