Delphi Research: Understanding the Value of Standards - A Delphi Survey 2003.

THEMES: Delphi Research
YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: IBM WebServices | J2EE | SOAP | Taxonomy | WPEL | XML | .NET
ORGANIZATIONS: Delphi Research | IEEE | ISO | W3C
PEOPLE: Koulopoulos, Thomas
THINGS: Standards | Survey
TIME: 2003
A Delphi Group Flash Survey

Today's topic: Technology Standards and Standards Bodies

Delphi would appreciate your helping us learn more about organizations' attitudes and use of technology standards and participation or reliance upon standards bodies. You can do this by completing the brief survey below. Your answers will remain completely confidential. Delphi aggregates responses to give statistical views of current and anticipated conditions and practices. We do not identify individual respondents' views.