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YEAR: 2003

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Kemal Bicak
Dr. rer. pol, Dipl. Wirt. Inf., Dipl.Inf.
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Doctoral Thesis:
International Knowledge (Transfer) Management - Models, Concepts and Solutions for Facilitating Knowledge Transfer Processes in a Multilingual and Multicultural Business Environment

Reserach Project:
TransKnow - A prototypic software for facilitating asynchronous knowledge transfer processes in a multilingual and multicultural business environment designed and implemented by the author and his team.


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The recent years have seen a strong globalisation of the organizations' environments that involves the radical integration of markets, nation-states, and technologies to a degree never witnessed before. It enables individuals and organizations reach around the world faster and cheaper than ever before. This dynamic ongoing process of globalization has been pushed by radical developments in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and political convictions.

The fast development of the Internet and the underlying systems increased the importance of Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) and made it an essential factor for competitiveness of an organization. The adaption of new technologies and the usage of Internet as an effizient communication and marketing platform largely broke down the local markets' borders and supported globalization and worldwide acquisition strategies as well as building worldwide strategic partnerships. These lead to the new global electronic market with increased flexibility and competition.

These developements toward globalisation together with the strong automation of production processes speed up the transformation of most local economies from industrial oriention with workers in production lines toward an integral part of a global knowledge centred economy with knowledge workers. In this increasingly dominating new global market capturing and providing knowledge for the organization's members becomes increasingly more a critical issue to enable a rapid reaction and adaption of the fast and dynamic changes in the organization's environment.

Thus, for every organization effectively managing knowledge becomes an important issue to remain competitive. The challenge that increasingly gains importance for organizations is to efficiently and effectively capture, store and share knowledge and expertise for problem solving and exploiting opportunities. Language and cuture occur as important dimensions of this challenge, since many of the potential customers, partners, employees and competitors in the new global market are from different cultural and linguistic background. In this context, the International Knowledge (Transfer) Management [iK(T)M] research project works on concepts for an effective and efficient knowledge transfer in a multilingual and multicultural business environment.