HICSS; Smolnik, Stefan: HICSS-37 - January 5-8, 2004 - Hawaii 2004.

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences HICSS-37; Minitrack "KM/OM/OL Foundations - KM/OM Discovery to Representation" chaired by Stefan Smolnik: Knowledge discovery methods increase transparency of knowledge in organizations and support users finding relevant knowledge. Techniques explo...

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YEAR: 2004
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Thirty-Seventh Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
(HICSS-37) January 5 - 8, 2004
(Monday through Thursday)


Call For Minitrack Proposals

The HICSS series of conferences has become a unique and respected forum in computer and information systems and technology for the exchange of ideas among the researchers and development communities around the world.

A MINITRACK is either a half-day (2 sessions) or a full day (4 sessions). Normally, each session consists of summary presentations and discussion of 3 refereed papers. All sessions are conducted in a workshop-like setting. The first day of the conference consists of tutorials, seminars and workshops, followed by 3 days of paper presentations.

You are invited to submit a proposal to lead a Minitrack in one of the following tracks:

Collaboration Systems and Technology Track

Jay F. Nunamaker jnunamaker@cmi.arizona.edu

Bob Briggs bbriggs@GroupSystems.com

Complex Systems Track

Robert Thomas rjt1@cornell.edu

Decision Technologies for Management Track

Dan Dolk drdolk@nps.navy.mil

Digital Documents and Media Track

Michael Shepherd shepherd@cs.dal.ca

Emerging Technology Track

Ralph Sprague sprague@hawaii.edu

Information Technology in Health Care Track

Bill Chismar chismar@cba.hawaii.edu

Internet and the Digital Economy Track

Dave King dave@comshare.com

Alan Dennis ardennis@indiana.edu

Organizational Systems and Technology Track

Hugh Watson hwatson@terry.uga.edu

Software Technology Track

Gul Agha agha@cs.uiuc.edu

Submission Deadlines:


Final Deadline: January 17

Submit to your proposal to the appropriate Track Chair listed above, as well as to Eileen Dennis (eidennis@indiana.edu). Please limit the number of Co-Chairs to 2 or 3. Designate who is the

PRIMARY contact person.

Proposal Contents


The proposals should be on timely and important topics in the field. Your proposal should include the following:

1) Define the proposed technical area and topics the Minitrack will address. Describe how they fit into the area.

2) Discuss how these topics have recently been covered in other Conferences and publications

3) Include:

a) short paragraph (50 words) describing the topics of your Minitrack for inclusion in the final Call for Papers

b) a short bio-sketch

c) an explicit statement that your organization endorses your involvement and attendance at HICSS and has the infrastructure to support that involvement as described in the enclosed list below regarding giving the responsibilities of Minitrack chairs

4) If you are proposing a continuation of a current Minitrack at HICSS-37, include a report of the current Minitrack showing the number of papers received, number of papers accepted, and the themes for this year. Then explain how next year will extend or build on this year.

Submission Instructions


1. You must submit a proposal to be considered. No acceptance of Minitracks will be made without a formal written proposal

2. All proposals should be e-mailed to the BOTH the appropriate Track Chair (see list above) and to Eileen Dennis, Track Administrator (e-mail: eidennis@indiana.edu) as soon as possible, but no later than that January 17, 2003. (** Please DON'T submit latex or postscript files **)

3. Include your full mailing address, phone number, departmental phone number and fax.

4. Each proposal will be evaluated by the track chair whose decision will be based on the overall technical merit of the proposal. Acceptance/rejection notification will be sent out by the mid February 2003.

Consult the conference web site for information about the current and past conferences. Feel free to contact the Track Chairs for additional information concerning their track.

The Responsibilities of Minitrack Chairs


You are to solicit manuscripts, have them refereed, interacting with authors and referees in a fair and professional manner and employing control mechanisms that increase the overall quality of the meeting, collaborate with the Track Chair (if needed) to determine which manuscripts are to be accepted, structure the sessions, introduce the speakers in your sessions, and act as the moderator of the forum.

More detailed responsibilities are summarized as follows:

1. Solicit Manuscripts for the Minitrack

A half day Minitrack (2 sessions) should receive 12-15 papers and accept 6.

A full day Minitrack (4 sessions) should receive 25-30 papers and accept 12. A full day Minitrack may have three paper sessions and an open forum session to discuss future research.

You are encouraged to distribute the Minitrack Call for Papers on appropriate electronic bulletin boards

You should solicit high-quality manuscripts from people who are known to do excellent work in the field.

HICSS does not have "invited" manuscripts. Please remember that soliciting a paper does NOT guarantee acceptance. All papers must go through the review process.

The paper can not have been submitted elsewhere (including other HICSS Minitracks) while it is being evaluated.

DO NOT advertise on ISWORLD. The Track Administrator is responsible for this.

2. Acquire Referees Who Will Critically Review the Submitted Manuscripts

Each manuscript should be stringently reviewed by three qualified people who are actively working in the topics dealt with in the paper, in addition to yourself.

If you wish to submit a paper to your own Minitrack, e-mail a copy of the paper to the Track chair who will handle the review process.

Only one paper authored or co-authored by a Minitrack chair can be included in each Minitrack.

3. Accept Manuscripts for the Minitrack

Notify authors of acceptance or rejection. Include comments from reviewers. Review final version of papers to verify required changes have been made.

Verify submission of papers to publisher at the deadline.

4. Write an Introduction to the Minitrack for the Proceedings

Once you have received the final version of the paper (by Oct. 1), you are to write a 1-page introduction to the Minitrack.

5. Select the Best Paper Candidate from the Manuscripts

By November 1, your nomination for best paper must be sent to both the Track Administrator and the Track Chair.

6. Re-publication of the Manuscripts

We encourage you to work with an Editor-in-Chief of a professional society periodical to use your accepted papers as the basis of a special issue of the publication. Enter into such an agreement as soon as possible.

HICSS is sponsored by the College of Business Administration,
University of Hawaii at Manoa.