HICSS; Smolnik, Stefan: HICSS-37 - January 5-8, 2004 - Hawaii 2004.

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences HICSS-37; Minitrack "KM/OM/OL Foundations - KM/OM Discovery to Representation" chaired by Stefan Smolnik: Knowledge discovery methods increase transparency of knowledge in organizations and support users finding relevant knowledge. Techniques explo...

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YEAR: 2004
Distribut KM
Yifeng Zhang <yzhang14@uic.edu> 21.04.2003 17:09
Invitation to submit papers in the area of distributed knowledge management

Dear Prof. Nastansky

We are sending this email to you because a search of interest topics in
IEEE digital library suggested to us that you might be interested in this area.

We would like to ask you to consider submitting to the Distributed
Knowledge Management Mini-track of HICSS 37. Please see the full call for
papers below.

Finally, we would be delighted to send you comments or suggestions if you
decide to send us an abstract for guidance or evaluation.

Please feel free to contact me at Evaristo@uic.edu


Roberto Evaristo
Kevin Desouza


Part of the Collaborative Systems Track at the Thirty-seventh Annual
on the Big Island of Hawaii
January 5 - 8, 2004

In today's hyper competitive global marketplace it is pivotal for
enterprises to manage not only tangible resources but also to exploit
intangibles. A consequent outcome of this realization has been the surge of
interest in knowledge management. It has become evident that organizations
must master the act of integrating disparate sources of knowledge found
within their bounds in order to sustain and maintain competitive
advantages. The task of integrating disparate pockets of knowledge within a
firm is complicated by the fact that enterprises operate in a global context.

The goal of this track will be to explore the notion of managing knowledge
in today's distributed environment. Specifically, we are interested in
papers that explore issues, challenges, and case-studies of sharing and
leveraging knowledge using new advances in protocols, approaches or
technology (such as ubiquitous and pervasive computing paradigms,
peer-to-peer infrastructures, mobile computing, heterogeneous databases,
etc) in a distributed, virtual, or global context. Possible ways in which
KM can be distributed include, but are not limited to (a) between teams,
(b) between locations or (c) real time KM (wireless, pervasive). We are
especially interested in novel approaches to traditional barriers
associated with managing knowledge. Moreover, we welcome not only
empirical or theory testing papers but also frameworks, theory building
papers or papers that describe working distributed knowledge management

We solicit papers not limited but including the following domains:
1. Distributed Project Management and its Implications on Knowledge Management
2. Virtuality in Organizations and its Effects on Collaborative Knowledge
3. Mobile Databases and Wireless Applications for Knowledge Management
4. Ubiquitous & Pervasive Computing for Distributed Knowledge Management
5. Knowledge Management in Heterogeneous and Distributed Systems
6. Strategic Issues in Managing Knowledge in the Networked Economy
7. New Knowledge Sharing Protocols or Applications

June 1, 2003 Full papers submitted to Minitrack Chairs.
Contact minitrack chairs for submission

August 31, 2003 Notice of accepted papers sent to Authors.

October 1, 2003 Accepted manuscripts sent electronically to the publisher.
Authors must be registered for the
conference by this date.

Additional detail on the web site: http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu, and at

Minitrack Chairs

Roberto Evaristo (Contact Person)
Information and Decision Sciences Department
University of Illinois, Chicago
601 S. Morgan Street MC 294
Chicago, IL 60607-7124 USA
Phone: 312.996.8415; fax: 312.413.0385
Email: evaristo@uic.edu

Kevin C. Desouza
Center for Research in Information Management
Department of Information & Decision Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago
601 South Morgan Street, M/C 294
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Phone: +1 312 829 8447; fax: +1 312 413 0385
E-mail: kdesou1@uic.edu