Lotus: Lotus / Domino Government Solutions 1 - A Variety of Examples, in: Notes Magazin 1/00 2000, pp. 81-82.

THEMES: Lotus\e-Government
YEAR: 2000
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LABEL: e-Government
PEOPLE: Buschor, Ernst
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TIME: 2000 | 2001
Hastings Council
    Hastings Council
    Hastings Council Portal

    Welcome Page Gallery

    This customized Welcome Page provides the members of the Hastings Council in New South Wales, Australia, with access to the applications that provide the
    information and workflow they need to keep the region's infrastructure running smoothly. Today, this portal, developed by GovtOne, a Lotus Business Partner, is used by 150 Notes users and replaces the standard Bookmark.nsf.

    This is the default interface that appears when a user logs into Domino using the Notes client or a Web browser. No matter what piece of information a user needs from the corporate knowledge base -- whether it is in Oracle, in PeopleSoft, or in a Domino database -- that information can be accessed from this single portal.

    Hastings Council Portal

    The interface provides the tools and information for handling virtually any request, from fees, to purchasing, to property issues; from pot holes to water main breaks; from dog licenses to cemetery regulations. Suppose a request comes in from a ratepayer. From the same interface where the user has an at-a-glance look at in-coming mail and the day's appointments, the user clicks on the CRMS (Customer Relationship Management) tab and quickly creates customer request defining the type of work needed and assigns that work. If the customer references an earlier document, the user can search for it in Domino.doc. The user can quickly generate a standard response.

    Before rolling out this Portal, staff of the Hastings Council needed to open up eight applications to do the same work they can now do through this single interface.

    Initially, GovtOne considered creating this integrated portal using Microsoft Digital Dashboard. But, as GovtOne's Stephen Pierce explains, "We hit a dollar and a digital brick wall. It was too costly and technically prohibitive to do it with Microsoft. With Domino, it was easy."

    GovtOne created this portal using the Beta version of Notes R5. They tied the interface to access the document management capabilities of Domino.Doc, and created links with Oracle and PeopleSoft using Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) server-based data distribution. Soon, they plan to integrate Sametime instant messaging.

    GovtOne offers this portal as an off-the-shelf, shrink-wrapped product -- one of the modules it sells along with other applications. GovtOne can easily customize the portal for new customers, and create links to that customer's back-end data.

    About GovtOne

    GovtOne is the advanced Lotus Business Partner that developed this portal. GovtOne provides a range of applications written specifically for local governments in Australia and governments throughout Asia/Pacific. GovtOne is a Domino.doc Specialty Partner and won the AP Star Award 2000 for Business Partner Excellence.