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YEAR: 2005
PERM. URL: http://gcc.upb.de/K-Pool/StefanSmolnik
Teamprofile: Dr. Stefan Smolnik
..........I have changed my university affiliation.
..........Please visit my profile at the EUROPEAN BUSINESS SCHOOL (ebs), International University Schloß Reichartshausen: Stefan Smolnik @ebs
Stefan Smolnik, Dipl.-Inform. (M.Sc. in CS equiv.)


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January 2006Chair of the HICSS-39 minitrack "Knowledge Management / Organizational Memory Implementation and other Issues"
July 2004Independent evaluator for the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) in respect of a Resource Enhancement Award (GBP 300,000)
June 2003 - Member of the jury of the DNUG Master's Theses Contest
January 2003 - Chair of the Working Committee for Knowledge Management of the German Notes User Group (DNUG)