Nastansky, Ludwig; k-Pool: K-Pool: Concepts & Functionalities of a Process-driven Knowledge Management System for Contextual Collaboration Spanning Intranet to Internet, GCC 2005.

Workshop @ Schneider System in Vallendar

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YEAR: 2005

Database 'GCC K-Pool', View 'Themes (All)', Document 'University of Paderborn - Study Programs'
Office Systems & k-Pool: Concepts & Functionalities of Process-driven Information & Knowledge Management Systems for Collaboration, from Intranet to Internet
Hady Miriam (Pavone AG)
André Unger (Unger, Welsow & Comp.) Database 'GCC K-Pool', View 'Themes (All)', Document 'WDR angepackt: 250 neue Jobs in Paderborn in der High-Tech Branche seit 1992 "Goupware & Paperless Office"', Anchor 'Untitled Section'
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky (University of Paderborn - Groupware Competence Center)

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