DeCandio, George; Hoyt, Martha; Lotus: INT107 WebSphere Application Development Tools for the Lotus Domino Developer, IBM Corporation, Orlando, FL, USA 2003.

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YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: Application Development | Lotusphere
PLACES: Orlando
THINGS: WebSphere
TIME: 2003
Presented by
Martha Hoyt, Lotus Software, IBM Software Group, Technical Strategist

The J2EE platform supports incredibly rich, scalable applications with clean separation between presentation and logic. This session will introduce you to the WebSphere family of application development tools that give you a full-spectrum of development capabilities from middleware integration to Web site development. You will learn how simple it can be to use your Domino skills to build integrated Domino/WebSphere applications using WebSphere Studio. There will also be a preview of a future rapid application development (RAD) environment for J2EE built on the WebSphere tools.