Thomas, Jamie M.; Boulia, Don; Lotus: INT101 WebSphere Platform Strategy for Lotus Domino Customers, IBM Corporation, Orlando, FL, USA 2003.

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YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: Lotusphere
PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2003

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Presented by
Jamie M. Thomas, IBM, Director, WebSphere Strategy and Portfolio Management and
Don Boulia, IBM, Director, WebSphere Strategy and Portfolio Management

This session will explore the overall brand strategy for the WebSphere platform. From basic application servers, to portals, to hubs for systems integration, WebSphere is the premier, standards-based middleware product family from IBM. Find out how the WebSphere platform can extend the reach of your IT organization; how blended Domino and WebSphere application solutions can be developed and deployed; and what the overall standards-based strategy for IBM middleware is all about.